Hi, I’m Geren, The On30Guy. This web site will serve as a chronicle of my adventures in On30 Model Railroading. Here, I’ll document the construction of my own, small model railroad in words and pictures. I’ll also share my tips and techniques, improvements to some existing models, and generally share my thoughts and experiences in model railroading.

While everything on this site will be geared towards On30, the concepts can be adapted to any scale or gauge.

Choptank & Southern Railway and Navigation Company

The Choptank & Sounther Railway and Navigation Company is a fictional 30″ narrow gauge railway operating on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in the first half of the 20th century. In reality, there never was a narrow gauge line on the shore, however, numerous shortlines criss-crossed the region, serving many small communities. Primary industry on the shore was agriculture, seafood and logging.

A map of the region, showing the many early railroads, can be found here.

Most of these railroads were eventually bought by the PRR and/or folded. Today, CSX and NS are the primary carriers on the shore, although there are a few short lines in operation.

The Choptank & Southern name is not my own. My father dreamed it up many years ago. Today, he is finally planning his version of the C&S in HO scale standard gauge.


2 thoughts on “Background

  1. Geren,

    I am a relatively new member of FCSME and I thought you had been a member in the past also. I am an On30 modeler and wanted to know if there were any On30 clubs in the area similar to FCSME? I live up in the Mount Airy Maryland area.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.



  2. Hi, Bob!

    Yes, I was a member of the FCSME for some time. For local On30 Modular information, you’ll want to join the Mid-Atlantic On30 Modular Modeling Yahoo! Group (listing in the sidebar). Bear in mind that we are not a formal club, like the FCSME. But, we are moving along.

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